Growing your business while protecting the interests of everyone

After a number of years, your initial shareholder agreement may be affected by certain factors. Ensuring that your agreement is always up to date is key to the growth of your business. Every day, new laws come into force that could amend your shareholder agreement without your knowledge.

Your purchase agreement must be well established and current at all time. Your business’s taxation regime is constantly changing, requiring regular reassessments. My multidisciplinary services and expertise will come in handy in ensuring that the interests of your business’s shareholders are well protected.


Secure the future of your business

You have to make sure that everything is in good standing to reassure shareholders and protect their interests, and in turn ensure the future of your business. Have you ever thought of purchasing disability insurance for business owners in addition to your life insurance policy? It will provide financial support if you or a shareholder become unable to fulfil their professional duties.

In the event of an illness, disability insurance safeguards your company’s operations. It covers, among others:

  • Your employees’ salaries
  • The rent
  • Various business expenses

Let me shed some light on the best practises to adopt, such as the redemption of units and the drafting of a proper convention. Together, let’s secure the future of your business!

Strengthen your team

  • Improve the retention rate of good employees
  • Improve your team’s performance by keeping your employees healthy
  • Improve your benefits package, which will be better perceived than a salary raise

Online banking: taking your interests into account

Find a solution that offers you the freedom to manage your banking as you wish! Accessible online or on your mobile phone, this solution makes money transfers easy and convenient. Get more information on the features of the Business Advantage Account so you can quickly manage important transactions.

Can you imagine an account that would let you handle transactions in the currency of your choice without conversion? All this—and more—will make your daily accounting easier.


Invest your profits: tax strategies that keep up with you

Thinking of investing your earnings and looking for tax strategies that would benefit you down the line? Have you thought of meeting with an advisor? As a business owner, ensuring the success of your company is a top priority and motivation.

I make sure to keep up with new investment regulations and will present you with investment solutions sheltered from tax and creditors. Though these are popular options, you have to get informed before choosing one. Book an appointment with me today!