A competitive benefits package at a great price

Because employee benefits will often be worth more to your team than a salary increase, it’s a great idea to take out group insurance for your company. These days, employees aren’t satisfied with just a good income. The benefits you offer and the steps you take to promote their well-being are much more valuable in their eyes.

Better working conditions, including benefits:

  • Help you retain employees
  • Give future employees something to consider beyond the salary
  • Encourage employees to be involved and invested in the business

Group insurance is absolutely an expense that pays off: in collaboration with GASQ, we can make sure you offer the best possible plan to employees without going over your budget.


Advantages for everyone


  • Employee retention
  • Offering perks on top of salaries
  • Contributing to your employees’ retirement savings plan
  • Tax deductions


  • Financial security
  • Satisfaction
  • Benefits
  • Family coverage

Is your group plan pulling its weight?

Various factors can make the cost of your group insurance plan go up:

  • Rising healthcare expenses
  • Inflation
  • The aging population

Reevaluate your group insurance plan to see if the coverage currently offered to employees works for both your team and your business. Thanks to our negotiation expertise, we guarantee you’ll get the best price for the coverage you choose based on your company’s needs.

EAP: three letters, big difference

An employee assistance plan (EAP) is an important element to include in your package, acting as a supplement to employees’ health insurance by improving their health and overall well-being at work. These programs provide concrete support to solve problems your employees may be dealing with.

Think of your EAP as an investment, not an expense!
The advantages of an EAP for your company include:

  • Better employee well-being
  • Fewer absences
  • Higher productivity
  • Access to support for problems and difficult situations

Employees are more productive when they’re more able to concentrate, thanks to the resources offered by the program. Learn about all the advantages of an EAP!


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